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Drought Mitigation - 2003

 GENERAL INFORMATION                            As on 23-07-2003

  RAINFALL -2002


 Normal rainfall    783 mm State average
2.  Actual rainfall received   783 mm State average
3.  Districts with deficient /scanty rainfall    28 Districts


4. Total number of Districts in Madhya Pradesh 45
5. No and names of Districts notified/ declared as Drought affected


Sheopur, Morena, Bhind, Ratlam, Shajapur, Mandsour, Neemuch, Ujjain, Badwani, Rajgarh,  Damoh, Panna, Chhatarpur, Tikamgarh, Jabalpur,  Katni,  Chhindwara,  Seoni, Mandla, Dindori, Balaghat, Umaria, Shahdol,Gwaliar , Shivpuri ,Guna Datia ,Rewa ,Sidhi ,Satna ,Sagar ,Raisen,Vidisha


Number of villages affected

Unit of drought affected area is tahsil. Number of affected tahsils are 195


Human Population affected

254.34 lakhs


Cattle Population affected

About 2.61 lakhs


9. Total Sown area

(Kharif) 83.13 lakhs Hector

(Rabi) 71.4% Sowing completed against the normal area of 89 lakhs Hectores


10. Total No of villages affected by drinking water scarcity 11564 Villages
11. Total No of Urban/Townships affected by drinking water scarcity 137
12. No of Tubewells/Borwells drilled (During 2002-2003 23329                                                                                  7256(During 2003-2004)

No of water Tankers carried drinking water along with quantity 

In 81 townships 935 Tankers are being used for water supply about 153.63 lakhs liters of water is being transported by tankers.  2825


By takers in rural area (in 557 Habitations)

14. Total funds utilized for drinking water supply

During Year 2002-2003

Rs. 14751.97 lakhs (Under Normal plan)

Rs1027.08 lakhs (Additional Central Assistance “Under 5%of ARWSP”)

Rs. 1613.28 lakhs (CRF)

During Year 2003-2004

4038.13 (Normal plan)

1103.10 (Additional Central Assistance “Under 5%of ARWSP”)

Rs 656.72  lakhs (CRF)



15. Amount spent on cattle/fodder management Rs. 530.00 lakhs



total Food grains allotted for FFWP (Under SGRY special component)

7.10 lakhs Mt. allotted under special component of SGRY


total Food grains lifted FFWP (Under SGRY special component)

6.87 lakhs Mt.


No of maydays generated through employment generation initiatives

1973.60 lakhs man days


Total amount spent as cash component of FFWP

130.38 allotted to districts as cash component in the wage payment

20. Details of fund spent on drought management (Sector wise) Allocation from CRF made for Employment Generation Rs.130.38 crores, Urban water management Rs.10.82 crores , Rural water management Rs.22.70 crores, Rural water transportation Rs.7.73 crores , Fodder management Rs.5.85 crores, Rs. 143.93 crores as input subsidy and Rs. 4.19 crores for others.

Drought mitigation effort taken

steps taken by the state government to mitigate the problem of drought affected areas.                                                             1. Action plan to combat drought have been prepared by all the affected districts.                                                                    

. 2. Relief works have been started in all the affected areas 7241 scarcity work plus SGRY(SC) and 10076  departmental works engaging more than 162687 labourers per day are in progress .

3. Resources have been made available to the affected districts with the authority to the district administration  to respond as per need.

4.  Villages having drinking water problem where more than 30% hand pumps have been dried been identified and action is being taken to provide drinking water   in affected  areas.

5.  Funds have been made available to the transport water wherever needed.

6.  Districts water utilization committee have been authorized to reserve water sources meant for irrigation for drinking water purposes.

7.  Care has been taken to prevent fodder moving out of the state and funds have been provided to source and supply fodder needed for cattle.

8.  The loans of farmers  are being rescheduled with support  of Banking institutions.

9.  In each village of the state , 100 kgs of food grains have been provided under the control of Surpunch and the village committee to provide free grain to the needy such as disabled, old and destitute. This is being replenished based on utilization.

10  The tahsildars have been given imprest money  of Rs. 1000 each to respond to the situation requiring urgent cash assistance. They have been authorized to draw additional funds based on utilization.  11.  In each of the affected 195 tahsils Rs. 50000.00 have been provided to give nutritional food to children.                                 12.  Land revenue is waived off in all drought affected districts. 

22. Additional requirement if any -Demand made to the Union Government for aid in fighting the drought condition:-                                                                             1.  Rs.375.59 crores from National calamity contingency fund (NCCF) for generating employment in drought affected districts.                 2.  5.00 mt.tonnes of food grains to be used as part wages on work of employment generation.                                                       3.  For drinking water in rural areas which needs Rs.132.07 crores.   4.  For drinking water in Urban areas which needs Rs.119.24 crores are required.                                                                            5.  For National Old Age pension scheme  and National Family Benefit Fund Rs.71.91 crores ares required.                                           6.  For cattle relief camps , medicines for cattle and fodder Rs. 20.80 crores are required.                                                                 7.  For agriculture subsidies atc. Rs. 100.00 crores.                       8.  Rs. 9.00 crores for fisheries and Rs. 18.00 crores for the wild life protection.                                                                            9.  On 15-16 January 2003 additional demand of Rs. 315.79 crores was made before the Central Team.                                            -         All these demands are supported with a comprehensive explanation/action plan.  


23. Expenditure from CRF Estimated expenditure from CRF and NCCF Rs.335.00 crores


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