Government of Madhya Pradesh



86. Calamity Relief Fund (CRF) shall be able to provide for the natural disaster included in this policy. Additional resources required for this purpose may be requisitioned in terms of the recommendations of the Eleventh Finance Commission, as accepted by the GOI.

87. Financing of damage due to industrial or chemical disasters shall be done by the concerned unit, which is responsible for the disaster.

88. Compensation to victims of road accidents from motor vehicles is available under the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act. However, immediate relief, financial, medical or otherwise, has to be provided by the State. A fund shall be established for providing immediate relief to victims of motor vehicle accidents. Contributions to this fund shall be made by owners of motor vehicles through a suitable levy. This fund shall be kept in the public account of the State. Information about schemes under which relief is provided to the victims of accidents will be widely disseminated. An enactment will be prepared to regulate traffic on waterways to ensure safety, and to prescribe safety norms for motorised as well as all other kinds of boats.

89. Collectors shall be permitted to accept contributions from the public for meeting immediate expenditure for providing relief to the affected population. The amount so collected shall be kept in a separate account in the banks. A financial statement of the accruals and dispersals from this account shall be rendered to the State Relief Commissioner every year.




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