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64. Advance preparation is a prerequisite for efficient management of disasters as and when these occur. While it is difficult to anticipate all types of disasters and situations requiring state intervention, certain basic action is required at the State and district levels to facilitate and organize rescue and relief operations when one is engulfed by a crisis. Advance preparations generate confidence in the public, and the administration that it has the necessary capability to meet a situation without panic.

65. A detailed inventory of men and material resources available in the government and government organizations, required for speedy relief and rescue operations for various types of disasters, shall be prepared for each district. The inventory shall contain information about their expertise in specific areas which can facilitate their deployment in times of crisis. In the case of materials, detailed information about their specifications should be available so that these could be immediately put to use.

66. Detailed information about the men and material required for various types of disasters to which the district is vulnerable but which is not available in the government, non-government and private sector shall also be prepared to know the deficiencies so that these could be requisitioned from the division and the state headquarters.

67. The inventory and information thus prepared shall be updated every six months.

68. The inventory on availability of men and material shall be exchanged with the neighboring district, so that support from neighboring districts may be obtained without delay and without routing the request from the division or state headquarter.

69. A copy of the inventory shall also be sent to the divisional headquarters, which would compile them, and also incorporate the division and state specific information on availability of men and material, not incorporated in the division or the district inventory as the case may be. This exercise would give a complete inventory of men and material at the division and state level to facilitate their speedy deployment.

70. Disasters disrupt communications. Alternative strategy shall be worked out which could be used at the time of such disruptions. Endeavor shall also be made to use the state of the art technology for disruption free communication systems, and for their speedy restorations wherever these occur.

71. Sites for providing temporary shelters and administering relief shall be identified in advance, especially near the areas identified as vulnerable.


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