Government of Madhya Pradesh


72. Response to a crisis depends on the degree of preparedness as also on the attitude and alertness. District administration shall be the primary response agency under the leadership of the district Collector.

73. A central control room with telephones, fax, wireless, e-mail and other state of the art communication equipment shall be made operational. This control room shall be manned by senior district level officers and shall be the nerve center for the entire disaster management operations at the district level. It will act as a center for receiving disaster related information and for giving direction for action. It will also disseminate information to the media, and to the public on its own, or when sought.

74. In times of crisis, control rooms shall also be set up as near the place of occurrence as possible to coordinate and direct rescue and relief operations, and also in the headquarter offices of the district departmental heads connected with and involved in relief work.

75. Whenever information about any impending disaster comes to notice, it shall be disseminated to the public and the likely affected population through electronic and other media agencies without undue delay. Depending on the nature of disaster, endeavor shall be to provide utmost protection to the person, and then to the property of the affected population.

76. Rescue operations shall be operated through especially constituted teams without any delay. Relief will be provided at the nearest point of occurrence to avoid loss of time.

77. Separate teams shall be constituted for an assessment of loss of life and of property. Protection shall also be provided to the property of persons who move out due to the disaster.

78. Divisional Commissioner and the state Relief Commissioner shall be kept informed about the progress in relief and rescue operations, assessed damage to life and property, and the requirements of men and material for relief and rescue.


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