Government of Madhya Pradesh


90. Personnel required to be actively engaged in disaster management shall be identified and shall be given training in rescue and relief operations and management of disasters. The module of the course shall be prepared by a group of experts and got approved by the administrative department.

91. In addition, task specific training shall also be provided for doing specific jobs in situations of crisis without requiring any supervision.

92. Technical, scientific and management knowledge of the personnel shall be updated every year through suitable training programmes.

93. The state will constitute a core group consisting of 350-400 personnel who are trained in handling rescue and relief operations, relating to all kinds of disasters. In the event of any disasters, these will immediately report to that district's OIC for the disaster. These personnel will be from various related disciplines like Public Health, Water Resources, Revenue, PWD, PHE, etc. They would be drawn for the purpose of training and deployment at the time of disaster by an order of the state relief commissioner.

- Core groups trained in handling disasters will be constituted at district level also.


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